Abbotsford Starfish During Covid-19

What’s happening to the Abbotsford Starfish Pack Location while schools are closed? Although we have been faced with food shortages, proximity limits and so many unknown factors, thanks to our generous community we have a plan to continue feeding hungry students and families

We See The Helpers

We’re so thankful for the effort from our partners, volunteers and staff that have pushed through to make Starfish Pack Program possible during such unstable times. In cooperation with the Abbotsford School District, local food suppliers, and volunteers we have been troubleshooting plans as every new piece of information becomes available. To keep everyone safe, we have adapted the program by limiting the amount of contact at schools, on packing teams, and with food delivery. At the same time continuing to safely make food available.  

Temporary Measures

In the interim, the program is moving from weekly distribution to monthly distribution. But students are hungry now, that’s why each child has been issued a grocery store gift card to bring back to their family to purchase food for April. Going forward, schools across Abbotsford have made their locations available to distribute a month’s worth of Starfish Pack food to families in need.   

The Abbotsford School District has identified 500 children that are in need of Starfish Pack’s critical service right now, that’s a 58% increase since the pandemic hit 

What can you do to help?  

These are the costs of the current situation 

COVID-19 Starfish Pack cost: $55 each month  

Hygiene kits for High School students: $10 each

Yes, I can give!