How it Works

$575 fills one starfish pack ALL YEAR.
100% of the donation goes towards purchasing food.


The starfish Program would not be possible without the helping hands of our community! Each Thursday volunteers pack two breakfasts, two lunches, two dinners and healthy snacks into each backpack with food for the weekend. The backpacks full of food are delivered every Friday to each participating school for the remainder of the school year.


 “Nearly 400 elementary school children throughout Abbotsford’s public schools depends on either an in-school breakfast and/or lunch program as their sole source of nutrition.”

100% of the donations raised goes toward purchasing the food for the backpacks. Teachers have reported improvements in children’s reading skills, math skills, ability to focus and to do partner work. This new program could not be possible without the generosity of some key players! Check out the partners page to see how.

Why Starfish Packs Exist  In the News